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Friday 18:00 20:22
Saturday 14:00 16:22
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We play always in: Friday at 6 PM (European time), Saturday at 2 PM (European time), Sunday at 9 AM (European time)

Italo Disco Charts – Always on:

We play always in:
Friday at 6 PM (European time)
Saturday at 2 PM (European time)
Sunday at 9 AM (European time)

The list is always created on a Thursday afternoon, please do not vote for the red arrow for technical reasons our voting system is having problems.

Note: We only add productions from the current year 2021
All interested please contact us by email only
What you have to do to be added to IDC:
you need to send us an audio file in wav format, album cover in 1000px / 1000px sizes, link to youtube, link to purchase the album.

”In addition, each recording will be added to our blog with an album description that you can comment on. We invite you to cooperation”

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