About US

About US

Radio “MaxItalo” is a hobby project launched on April 14, 2010 on the portal “maxitalo.pl”. Initially, it was a project with additional thematic channels for another radio station, but the differences in the development of the station were too great. For this reason, Marek ps. “Max” independently created a new radio station “Radio Max Italo”.

At the end of 2012, the radio suspended its activity for 30 days for technical reasons related to the transfer of channels to another provider of radio servers. On June 5, 2013 “MaxiItalo” changed the domain address from “pl” to “com” and created the abbreviation “RMI” from the name “Radio Max Italo”. A new logo was also introduced, in the same year the radio station “MaxiItalo” obtained a radio license from Gema from Germany.

On January 31, 2020, the radio changed its intranet address from maxitalo.com to radiomaxitalo.com, also this year, and more precisely at the end, the radio announced a suspension of operations for financial reasons.

In January 2021, the radio was launched from servers licensed by the Canadian company Socan, currently partially funded by radio listeners through Donate.
Various thematic channels were involved in the entire activity of Radio, such as Italo Disco Greatest Hits, EuroBeat, RMXFM or Jukebox.
In the same year, i.e. in January 2021, we withdrew 3 thematic channels and changed the logo of the station and all logos of radio stations. We currently have six thematic channels: RMI – Classic, RMI – New, RMI – Disco, RMI – Mix, RMI – Synth, RMI – 80s Gold.
Radio RMI broadcasts from Icecast servers “ Toronto Cast ” in Mp3 320kbps and AAC + 64kbps quality.

We work with many artists and record labels, our main partners are: Beach Club Records (Netherlands), Flash Back Records (Finland).

This is just a brief summary of our online activities

We wish you a pleasant experience, memories and a good reception of “RadioMaxiItalo”. Thank you all for being with us!

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  • Team RMI:

    Max. (Administrator, Graphic Designer, Owner Owner)
    Dj Error. (Art Director, Graphic Designer, Sound Designer)
    Nicola. (Art Director, Graphic Designer, Server Operator)
    Girl Izi. (Owner, Sound Designer, Talent Scout)
    Angel Baby. (Server Operator, Sound Designer)
    Mike. (Graphic Designer, IT-Master, Owner, Sound Designer)
    Digital Guy. (Art Director, IT-Master, Owner, Sound Designer)
    Nice. (IT-Master, Owner, Server Operator, Sound Designer)

    Special Thanks Also For Continuous Help To:
    Special Thanks Also To:

    Birizdo I Am, Closed, Cristina Manzano, Digitalo, Elen Cora, Felli, Felli, Frank Lozano, Fred Ventura, Gazebo, George Aaron, GinaT, Joey Mauro, Ken Martina, Lian Ross, Linda Jo Rizzo, Margo,Martin Blix, Maxthor, Michael Nolen, Mirko Hirsch, Moderno, Nation In Blue, Nea, New Dream, Nikita Fomin, Raffaele Fiume, Ryan Paris, Savage, Styloo, Tam Harrow, Tom Hooker I Miki Chieregato, The Sweeps


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