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I Venti d'Azzurro Records

Dutch label related to the famous dance charts i Venti d'Azzurro and Radio Stad Den Haag. Though the label was involved with a couple of releases in the 90s, it has mostly been active since being restarted in 2007, with fresh releases on 12” vinyl. It currently specializes in classic Italo Disco, but in the 90s the Venti D'azzurro team was also involved in other contemporary styles of Italian dance music, producing e.g. remixes of Italodance tracks for S.A.I.F.A.M. and Eurobeat in collaboration with A.Beat-C. (as NRG Boys).


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PlayList of Broadcast Files (Random)

!Distain – SynthPopBoy (Parralox Remix)
23rd Underpass – Sometimes (Extended Version)
23rd Underpass – Youll Never Know (Extended Version)
2gether – Japanese Girl (Vocal Version)
A Stage – I Cant Get You Out Of My Mind (Dance Version)
Alan Cook – Resiste Amor (Version Vocal)
Albert One – Face To Face (Vocal Version)
Albert One – Sing A Song Now Now (I Venti Remix)
Aleph – A Star Within You (Extended Remix)
Aleph – I’m On Fire (Extended Mix)
Alex Chroma Band – A New Day (Dub Remix)
Armando Ferro – See You In Venice (Remix)
Bazooka – Alive (Maxi Version)
Brian Ice – Fly With Me (Extended Version)
Bruno Mosti – Zero Gravity (Extended Version)
Buckingham Palace – Give Me Your Name (Extended Version)
Caglioni – Star (Remix Version)
California – Volerie
Charly Danone – Go! (Extended Mix)
Christal – Fire Lady (Mix Version)
Clay Pedrini – This Is My Life (Extended Remix)
Closed – Crazy Love (Extended Version)
Closed – Dont Stop Moving (Gino & Savino Remix)
David Gray – I Wanna Fly (I-Robots Reconstruction)
Digital Emotion – Attention
Digital Emotion – Full Control
Digital Emotion – Moving To The Top (Maxi Version)
Digital Emotion – Run Away (Maxi Version)
Digital Emotion – Supernova (Maxi Version)
Digital Emotion – You’ll Be Mine (Maxi Version)
Digitalo – Digitalo
Digitalo – Say Yes
Digitronic – Disco Night
Dr. Morbius – I Love You Tonight
Eddy Huntington – Love For Russia (Ruble Version)
Eddy Mi Ami – Breakout Memories
Eleonora Espago – Flash In The Night (Savino Remix)
Elvin – Dancin’ In The Night
Elvin – You Set My Heart On Fire (Vocal Version)
Flexx – Theme From Deep (Alden Tyrell 2010 Rework)
Fockewulf 190 – Body Heat (New Version By Victor Life)
Fred Ventura – The Years (Go By) (Eddy Mi Ami Remix)
Fred Ventura – When I Let You Down (Extended Version)
Fred Ventura & Eddy Mi Ami – A New Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Galaxy Hunter – Black Celebration (Earth Version)
Galaxy Hunter – We Came From Space (Earth Version)
George Aaron – A Star In The Sky (Vocal Version)
George Aaron – Fear (Vocal Version)
George Aaron – Heaven [Clouds Mix]
Happen D.J – Don’t Waste Your Time (Vocal Version)
J.D. Jaber – I Want You (Extended Version)
Jimmy Mc Foy – Do You Believe (Vintage Mix)
Jock Hattle – All For One (Vocal Version)
Joe Lettieri – Faces (Extended Mix)
Ken Laszlo – Dancing Together (Vocal Version)
Kissing The Kiss – Run Stop (Flemming Dalum Remix)
Lectric Workers – For Hours Now (Remix)
Lipseye – Don’t Worry (Dub Version)
Lisa G. – Call My Name (Maxi Version)
Little Jack Jingle – Toledo Girl (Vocal Version)
Love Kills – I Want To Become (Remix Version)
Love Kills – Touch Me (Special Remix)
Marc & Susy – Fly Me To The Moon (Vocal Version)
Marc Line feat. Claudio – Crazy In The Night (Vocal Version)
Max System – You Bring The Sun (Original Mix)
Mention – Many Times (Vocal Version)
Mention – No Changes (Vocal Version)
Mention – Strange World (Vocal Version)
Mention – Walk Away (Vocal Version)
Michael Ray – Just A Dream (Maxi Version)
Miko Mission – Do You Wanna Dance
Miko Mission – Let It Be Love (Savino Mix)
Miko Mission – Mr. Blue (Savino Remix)
Mirko Hirsch – Fire (Vocal Version)
Mirko Hirsch – Love Hurts (Vocal Version)
Monika Novak – I Want You Back (Vocal Version)
Monika Novak – Lane Of My Life (Vocal Version)
Monika Novak – Living On The Run (Vocal Version)
Monika Novak – Lovely Witch (Vocal Version)
Mono Band – Mr. Crusoe (Vocal Version)
Mr Zivago – Russian Paradise (Dance Version)
Mr. Freaky – Out Of My Mind (Full Version)
New Italo Sin – Keep The Fire (I Venti Vocal Remix)
Orlando – Easy Lover (Savino Remix)
Paul Parker – Dont Stop (Hi NRG Remix)
Primadonna – Pretty Face (Vocal Version)
Reale Accademia – She’s Mine (Remix Version)
Robert Camero – Autumn Love (Vocal Remix)
Robert Camero – Welcome Back (Club Mix)
Roby Rotondo – For Your Love (Extended Remix)
Rofo – Face It
Rofo – Summer Love
Rozetta – Fantasy (Re-Dubbed)
Ryan Paris – I Love You Je T’Aime (Vocal Version)
Ryan Paris – I Wanna Love You Once Again (Extended Version)
Ryan Paris – You’re My Life
Ryan Paris Feat. Mauro – Buona Sera Dolce Vita (Vocal Version)
S.C.O.R.T.A – Pertini Dance (Vocal Version)
Sauvage – Just Like Heaven (Vocal Version)
Sauvage – Love Me Forever (Vocal Version)
Savage – Twothousandnine (Italomaxi Version)
Sharks – I Love You (Vocal Version)
Simona Sierra – Muchacho (Maxi Version)
Sly & Hunter – No More Vision
Some Bizarre – Over The Rainbow (Remix)
Susy – In My Mind (Vocal Version)
Swan – Shining Star (Vocal Version)
The Antilles – You And Me (Vocal Version)
Tiger Club feat. Stefano Brignoli – Honesty (Extended Version)
Torrevado – Heartbreaker (Disco Mix)
Toys For Boys – Your Body, Your Feeling (Sergi Elias Extended Remix)
Trans X – How Long Last Love (Extended Version)
Trans X – I Want To Be With You Tonight (Extended Version)
Tyson – Die On The Dancefloor
Ven Uto – Midnight Girll (Long Version)
Videogirl – Optical Illusions
Wish Key – Man In The Air (Vocal Remix)
Wolfram Feat Paul Parker – Out Of Control
Wolfram Feat Peaches – Automatic Lover (Vocal Version)


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