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Francesca e Luigi – Borderline 1. Borderline 03:53 2. Go Before You Fucking Waste It (Ari Lehtonen Radio Edit) 03:05 Released April 12, 2022 Jessica Brannefors: vocals,Martin Permer: synths, vocals and programming, Written and produced by Martin PermerRemix production on track 2 by Ari LehtonenMastered by Hans Olsson Photo: Mikael GöthageLogotyp: Peter NielsenArt Direction: Martin PermerRecorded in […]

1984 – Shout It Out! (Mirko Hirsch Remix) I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to sense of string of light in the future. 2022 is set to be an extraordinary year, packed with releases and live events. At least as it appears at the moment here in Sweden. That also counts for pbhmedia – we […]

Francesca e Luigi – Dirty Disco When you purchase the CD via Bandcamp a digital download of the album will be sent to your Bandcamp account’s e-mail adress. 1. Bomb The Borderline2. Acting Like a B-star3. Damn You4. Dirty Disco5. Go Before You Fucking Waste It6. Caravan of Love7. Supernova Star8. Victoria Park9. (I’m a) […]

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