Various – Italo 2020

Written by on 27 July 2020

Various - Italo 2020

Various – Italo 2020

1.Alan Brando – Change Your Heart (Extended Vocal Summer Mix) 07:39
2.Boris Zhivago – Rainy Day In Moscow (Extended Vocal Romance Mix) 07:12
3.Ranger – High In The Sky (Vocal Extended Summer Mix) 05:38
4.Modern Boots – Give Me Your Love (I’ll Give You Mine) (Long Vocal Nineties Mix) 05:07
5.Prima Ballerina – Don’t Say Goodbye (Extended Vocal Summer Mix) 07:24
6.Angelica Rose – Fly In The Sky (Extended Vocal Summer Mix) 06:56
7.Aldo Lesina – It’s No Game (Extended Vocal Italo Trance Mix) 05:40
8.Ken Martina – Yesterday (Vocal Extended Yes Mix) 08:19
9.Momento – I (Used To Be) (Extended Vocal Summer Mix) 08:16
10.Emy Care – Do You Love Me (Extended Vocal Summer Mix) 07:03
11.Marco Bardi – Romantic Holiday (Extended Vocal Summer Mix) 06:47
12.Boy Blue – Don’t Break My Heart (Long Vocal Nineties Mix) 05:46
13.Naomi – Sorrow (Why Did You Say Goodbye) (Extended Vocal Italo Trance Mix) 06:21
14.Solitario – Magic Carillon (Goodbye) (Extended Vocal Summer Mix) 06:25
15.Limelight – Our Day Will Come (Vocal Extended Summer Mix) 07:51


15 NEW GENERATION ITALO DISCO tracks, extended versions only for the first time in this versions on this compilation series.

Compilation produced by Ken Martina.
Recorded and mixed at Beach Club Recording Studios.

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released July 10, 2020

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