Various – Italian Style Vol 13

Written by on 23 January 2021

Various – Italian Style Vol 13

1.Aldo Lesina – Tell Me Why (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 06:15
2.Aldo Lesina – Tell Me Why (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 06:15
3.Boris Zhivago – Magic Memories (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 05:38
4.Boris Zhivago – Magic Memories (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 05:38
5.Boy Blue – Don’t Break My Heart (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 06:08
6.Boy Blue – Don’t Break My Heart (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 06:08
7.Chris Moon – One More Time (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 06:39
8.Chris Moon – One More Time (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 06:39
9.Emy Care – Don’t Fly Away (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 05:26
10.Emy Care – Don’t Fly Away (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 05:26
11.Limelight -If You Don’t Love Me (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 07:09
12.Limelight -If You Don’t Love Me (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 07:09
13.Marco Bardi – Look In My Eyes (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 05:16
14.Marco Bardi – Look In My Eyes (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 05:17
15.Modern Boots – Maybe Tonight (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 06:09
16.Modern Boots – Maybe Tonight (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 06:09
17.Naomi – Tonight (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 07:25
18.Naomi – Tonight (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 07:25
19.Ranger – In Your Eyes (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 07:11
20.Ranger – In Your Eyes (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 07:09
21.Solitario – Time (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 05:48
22.Solitario – Time (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 05:48
23.Tommy Sun – Beach Love (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) 06:16
24.Tommy Sun – Beach Love (Extended Instrumental Italian Style Mix) 06:16



This new compilation-album of the Italian Style series with uptempo Italo Dance tracks is only available as download album.

This 13th edition contains karaoke versions also!

Produced, arranged & written by Ken Martina for Beach Club Records.
Recorded at Beach Club Recording Studios.

released January 15, 2021

© Beach Club Records

all rights reserved

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