Terms Of Voting


Voting takes place on the principle of allocating and collecting points for each song from the charts. Clicking on the green arrow means that you allocate a point for the song, while clicking on the red arrow means that you take a point away.

How to vote

Each person may vote once within 24 hours for every item on our charts. Unfortunately, there are dishonest persons and they bypass our system by adding a large number of votes in a few minutes, such voices are not important so our system removes them every 24 hours.

Resetting The Voting

In order to give all the performers who are on our charts a chance, we reset all votes on the first Friday of each month and the voting starts from zero points.

How To Listen

The list of hits can be heard every Friday at six in the afternoon of the European time, and on Sunday at nine in the channel ‘Italo Disco New Generation’. In case of any ambiguities, please contact us.
Have a nice listening.

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