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Italo disco is a music genre which originated in Italy and was mainly produced from the late 1970s to the late 1980s. The origin of the genre's name is strongly tied to marketing efforts of the ZYX record label, which began licensing and marketing the music outside Italy in 1982. Italo disco faded in the early 1990s.

Italo disco evolved from the then-current dance music (including hi-NRG) and developed into a diverse genre. The genre employs drum machines, synthesizers, and occasionally vocoders and was usually sung in English, and to a lesser extent, in Spanish as well. The term “Italo”, a generic prefix meaning Italian, had been used on pop music compilation albums in Germany as early as 1978, such as Italo Top Hits on the K-Tel label and the first volume of Italo Super Hits on the Ariola label. There is no documentation of where the term “Italo-Disco” first appeared, but its origins are generally traced to Italian and other European disco recordings released in the German market. Examples include the phrase “Original Italo-Disco” on the sleeve of the German edition of “Girl On Me” by Amin-Peck in 1982, and the 1983 compilation album The Best of Italo-Disco. These records, along with the Italo Boot Mix megamix, were released by Bernhard Mikulski on his ZYX label. The Best of and Boot Mix compilations each became a 16-volume series that culminated in 1991. Both series primarily featured disco music of Italian origin, often licensed from independent Italian labels which had limited distribution outside Italy, as well as songs in a similar style by other European artists. The presenters of the Italian music show Discoring (produced by RAI) usually referred to Italo disco tracks as “rock elettronico” (electronic rock) or “balli da discoteca” (disco dance) before the term “Italo disco” came into existence.

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