Return to Neon (Special Edition)

Written by on 25 October 2020

Missing Pieces – Return to Neon (Special Edition)

1.Return to Neon 04:33
2.Pandora’s Box 2020 05:02
3.Heart on Fire 04:34
4.When love said no 04:22
5.King without a Crown [feat. Ratsouk] 06:11
6.Lady in Black (Extended Version) 05:46
7.Love is Blind 03:20
8.Like Lovers Do (Extended Version) 05:32
9.Hey Operator 06:18
10.Escape 03:52
11.There’s a Fire (Original 2011 Demo) 04:17
12.Fingertips (Original 2011 Demo) 04:46
13.Megamix – The World of Mirko Hirsch by Blohmbeats 59:59

released October 19, 2020

All tracks written, composed and produced by Mirko Hirsch

except “Like Lovers Do”, produced and performed by Michael Palace
Additional synths and programming by Mirko Hirsch

and “The World of Mirko Hirsch – Megamix” arranged and produced by Michael Blohm aka Blohmbeats.

Tracks 11-13 are exclusive to Bandcamp.

Lead and background vocals by Mirko Hirsch

(C) 2020


all rights reserved

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