80s Gold

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Quality: Mp3 320kbps

Real Playerhttps://ruby.torontocast.com:1350/mqorljmx/5/realplayer.ram
Web Player – https:// ruby.torontocast.com:1370/mqorljmx/5/web
Windows Mediahttps://ruby.torontocast.com:1350/mqorljmx/5/wmp.asx
Winamphttps://ruby.torontocast.com:1350/mqorljmx /5/winamp.m3u

Quality: AAC+ 64kbps 
Recommended for use on mobile phones due to low data consumption.
In order to listen to us, we recommend you also install the AIMP radio app on your phone, then urchomic the channel by clicking on the link below with the end pls.

iTunes – https://ruby.torontocast.com:1350/dgleqdsk/6/itunes.pls
Real Player – https://ruby.torontocast.com:1350/dgleqdsk/6/realplayer.ram
Web Player – https://ruby.torontocast.com:1350/dgleqdsk/6/web
Windows Media – https://ruby.torontocast.com:1350/dgleqdsk/6/wmp.asx
Winamp – https://ruby.torontocast.com:1350/dgleqdsk/6/winamp.m3u

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