Angel in White & Heute Nacht

Written by on 31 October 2020

Mirko Hirsch – Angel in White & Heute Nacht

1.Angel in White 04:34
2.Heute Nacht (Hab’ ich einen Engel gesehen) 04:34
3.Angel in White (Instrumental) 04:34

This song in Axel Breitung / Silent Circle style was originally planned to be included on the RETURN TO NEON album but the overall mood and especially the German version didn’t fit the album’s flow. So, while the darker sister-song “Lady in Black” is included on Return to Neon, the more positive one is here for you.

That’s why it gets its own individual release now.

The song “Heute Nacht (Hab’ ich einen Engel gesehen)” is the same as “Angel in White” but has a chorus that is sung German language, especially for the Fox fans.


released October 29, 2020

Written, composed and produced by Mirko Hirsch

Original Photo by Pete Linforth / Pixabay
Cover Design by Mirko Hirsch


all rights reserved

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