Magnus Krieg – Time Traveller

Written by on 1 November 2019

Magnus Krieg - Time Traveler

Magnus Krieg – Time Traveller

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The Last Romantic, Magnus Krieg, will give you the mix of modern dance production, 80s nostalgic synthpop and disco flavor. His first single “Time Traveller” is written by Mika Ella and produced by Chris Hurts for Disco People Records. The song will be available on Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes and all other digital platforms in one week. Magnus is a singer/songwriter and he is already working on his first album in the studio with Mika Ella and Chris Hurts. The album will be released in 2020, after a few more singles. 


Time Traveler (Radio Version)

  • Time Traveller (Radio Version) 04:22
  • Time Traveller (Extended Version) 06:15
  • Time Traveller (Instrumental) 04:22

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