Hello everybody

Hello everybody
Radio Max Italo (RMI) has finished broadcasting the radio signal on the Internet on 30.01.2020 at 09:30 PM.
The reason is the huge cost of maintaining a legal radio, unfortunately Internet radio is treated by law as a commercial radio and there is no relief here, no matter if hobby, amateur etc. Each radio has no chance on existing without financial income, support or paid advertising.
Exactly April 14 will be 10 years of our activity, we expected such an end and it was inevitable. Thank you to all listeners who have listened to us through this rather modest time, I hope you will find a similar radio on the Internet to remember great eighties or relive it with ‘Italo Disco New Generation’ which was our great dream to play for you that style that has reappeared to us all.
We would like to thank all the people who took an active part in the creation and functioning of our radio completely free of charge devoting their precious and private time.
Special thanks go to presenters who once played on one of our channels. Let me mention a few radio presenters:
Bogusław Grzegorzewski
Lucjan Borkowski
Krzysztof Droździk
Krzysztof Gabelski
Jolanta Chroszcz
Zenon Wrozyna

Another special thanks to all artists who sent us digital files for free at the disposal of the radio, we may not mention them all but a few will be reminded:
Kennard van der Bijl, Italove, Martin Blix, Cristina Manzano, Birizdo I Am, Frank Lozano, Giuseppe Alicata, James Manoro, Joey Mauro, Knights, Kristian Conde, Lian Ross, Linda Jo Rizzo, Marc Fruttero, Maxthor, Nation In Blue, Nea, New Dream, Nikita Fomin, Ryan Paris, Savage, Stylove, Systems In Blue, Vincent International, Franck Choppin, Mika Ella and many other great artists.

Another thanks to all those who recorded their voices with greeting to RMI:

Mika Ella, Birizdo I Am, Closed, Cristina Manzano, Digitalo, Elen Cora, Felli, Frank Lozano, Fred Ventura, Gazebo, George Aaron, GinaT, Joey Mauro, Ken Martina, Lian Ross, Linda Jo Rizzo, Margo, Martin Blix, Maxthor, Michael Nolen, Mirko Hirsch, Moderno, Nation In Blue, Nea, New Dream, Nikita Fomin, Raffaele Fiume, Ryan Paris, Savage, Styloo, Tam Harrow, Tom Hooker I Miki Chieregato, The Sweeps.

All record labels and producers who also supported us with digital files, cd’s and vinyls:

Beach Club Records (Netherlands)
Flash Back Records (Finland)
Pokorny Music Solutions (Germany)
Italo Box Music (Poland)
SP Records (Russia)
Team 33 Music (Spain)
In OUT Records (Spain)
SP Music Management (UK)
DWA Records (Italy)

And very special thanks for help for:
Kimmo Salo
Kennard van der Bijl
Alicja Gabelska
Bogusław Grzegorzewski
Krzysztof Droździk
Krzysztof Gabelski

People who supported us humbly financially asked not to reveal names or names, I thank them with all my heart 🙂

And that’s it, we hope that we leave nice memories of our radio episode on the net.

  RMI team

🙁 Max / Marek 🙁

Reader's opinions
  1. Jesus Javier   On   30 January 2020 at 23:27

    How sad I feel I always hear her in the morning a real shame friends excellent work I am sure that in the future we will enjoy such excellent work and music at another level I will always be available to help you in whatever is within my reach!!!!

  2. Steven Kimber   On   31 January 2020 at 09:36

    We are so sad to hear your wonderful station is closing! ? Thank you so much Max & Marek for all your support of our music over the years! ?
    Best wishes & good luck in all your future endeavours! ?
    Steven Kimber (Moderno/Vanello & Steven Kimber)

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