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Mika Ella 1. Moonchild (Intro) 03:19 2. Take It Or Leave It 03:47 3. The Girl With Golden Hair 03:42 4. Disco Is Not Dead 06:27 5. Free Like Amsterdam 03:54 6. Last 2 Girls On The Dancefloor 03:22 7. Never Let It Die 04:05 8. The Girl With Golden Hair (Midnight Version) 03:54 9. […]

Mika Ella WHO IS MIKA ELLAMika Ella is a pop singer/songwriter and a poet who achieved great success with her first synthpop 80s retro album “Take It Or Leave It, Baby” on Facebook. The 80s retro crowd loves her music, and she gained more than 50.000 followers on Facebook and Instagram in the first year […]

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