Casanova – Playboy (Extended)

Written by on 2 January 2021

Casanova – Playboy (Extended)

1.Casanova – I Love You (Extended Vocal Eighties Mix) 08:00
2.Casanova – I Don’t Want To Be Alone (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 07:39
3.Casanova – Playboy (Extended Vocal Eighties Mix) 06:30
4.Casanova – Angel Eyes (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 08:05
5.Casanova – Bella Donna (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 07:02
6.Casanova – It’s Like A Rainy Day (Extended Vocal Eighties Mix) 07:40
7.Casanova – Holiday (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 06:00
8.Casanova – Casanova (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 07:01
9.Casanova – I Love You (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 06:41
10.Casanova – Colder Than Ice (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 05:50
11.Casanova – Playboy (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 06:33
12.Casanova – It’s Like A Rainy Day (Extended Vocal Playboy Mix) 07:18


The second album of CASANOVA!

Album produced by Ken Martina for Beach Club Records.
All tracks produced, arranged & written by Ken Martina.
Vocals by Ken Martina, backing vocals by Else Dean and Angelica Rose.
Recorded and mixed at Beach Club Recording Studios.

released December 18, 2020

© Beach Club Records

all rights reserved

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