Andy Fox – Browser Cat

Written by on 4 September 2020

Andy Fox – Browser Cat

1.Browser Cat 04:43
2.She’s Gone (feat. Roxi Drive) 05:27
3.Netizen 05:02
4.Venus Dot-Com 04:38
5.Fading Away (feat. Francesca) 06:26
6.One More Dance (feat. Oceanside85) 06:50
7.Age / Sex / Location? 06:13

“Almost 2 years from his impressive 2nd album release, “Ritmo!”, italian based artist Andy Fox returns to Sunlover Records with another blissed-out journey back to the 80s sound of synthwave and italo disco.”

“Like much of Andy’s work, “Browser Cat” has a strong quality that meanders through a soundscape that is at once familiar and new at the same time. Lead synths, warm pads, catchy melodies and bass driven grooves slosh together in a thing of mysterious beauty. Packed with creamy sounds, but big and solid, “Browser Cat” is a perfect journey back to the italo disco time, and the tracks has an easy-going flow to it. Cover art has been created by Overglow, recalling the early “internet age”, full of memories and positivity for future technologies.“


released March 16, 2020

All tracks:
© 2020 Andy Fox
℗ 2020 Andy Fox for Sunlovers Records
Composed, performed and produced by Andy Fox.
Additional vocal performance by Francesca Cortese, Roxi Drive, Oceanside85.
Design by: Alessandro Strickner

Thanks to:
Vincenzo Salvia, Alessandro Strickner, Patrick Rizzi, Stefano Negro, Luca Pegoraro, my supporting friends and thank you to all my long-time and new listeners.


all rights reserved

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